Don’t let this happen to your ride.

Shipping Q2 2019

What’s in the box?

Blackbox™ Glass break sensor
Charging cord (USB/Aux power port)
Instruction Manual

How does it work?

Pair it, Set it, and forget it.

Pair your phone with the blackbox and place it underneath your car seat. Use our sticker to warn would-be criminals.

We’ll notify you and the authorities if your glass breaks

If a glass break is detected, we’ll notify you, any registered local merchants, and the authorities immediately. An ear piercing noise plays annoys the crap out of the perp, and ensures bystanders definitely know what just happened.

Frequently asked questions

I already have a car alarm. Why would I get Blackbox?

So do we. Car alarms are not impervious to glass break sorts of situations and car prowls, they can help ensure that your car doesn’t get stolen though…..

Remember in the 90’s and early aughts when everyone had a car alarm and no one actually paid attention when one went off? What makes this different?

Oh yeah! That was almost as annoying as hearing your roommate play Limp Bizkit. Yeah, no that was way different. This one uses machine learning to make sure that we cut down on false positives.

The what now?

Well, so it doesn’t really matter. All you really need to know is that when you see a push notification, someone is probably actually rifling through your belongings and has broken into your car.

What’s the point if they’ve already broken in?

Two concepts for you to know / remember. Ever hear of herd immunity? Look it up. This is kind of like herd immunity. The more people that get BlackBox™, the less likely cars in general are going to be broken into. The second, is if there are two simultaneous cars sitting in a parking lot, your average car prowler is going to go for the one without BlackBox first. It would be stupid not to. Sucks for the other guy/gal’s car, but hey, at least your car is safe, right?

No, really though. That’s not good enough.

You drive a hard bargain, compadre. Ok, ok. We are working on partnering with glass companies to schedule same or next day appointments to make sure that your glass gets fixed safely and on time. Eventually, you might be able to pay for your glass to be replaced directly within the BlackBox app and the magic of Apple Pay.

Ok, But what else?

Yowza, you want this thing to make your car fly too? Ok, well there is ONE more feature that a lot of people are really excited about. We do our best to detect when your vehicle is in a crash, and notify people that you specify in advance with the BlackBox app. We’ll also notify authorities and send them the location of the crash, so that they’re able to get there faster. Are you really going to let Junior out of the house without this thing?

We help prevent the headache of broken glass, and help you when it does happen.

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